Stainless at restaurants
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Thread: Stainless at restaurants

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    Stainless at restaurants

    I was just wondering what the current government policies are with non stainless knives (carbon) in restaurants and whether health inspectors care.

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    I don't have direct experience but we did get dinged on a health inspection for having dry towels on table. He told us only towels in sani buckets were allowed. Any dry towels had to be paper towels. Kind of put a kabosh on keeping the ol Sab wiped off and dry.


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    I just used the paper towels from the hand sink behind me. I told the inspector that it was disgusting to expect people to use knives over and over without wiping them down.

    He suggested we keep them in a bucket full of water and sanitizer.

    I have little respect for health codes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    He suggested we keep them in a bucket full of water and sanitizer.
    He is obviously not a member here...

    As to restaurant regs, I believe they vary by state...where I live, I don't think you are supposed to have any non-nsf anything including knives.

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    My health inspector and my third party auditor will not allow carbon knives. I am not sure they have a reason, but just they "look" dirty.

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    when cutting cabbage and onions, carbon steel knifes tend to loose a bit of the patina to the vegetables. I think it is an iron oxide, and is not harmfull. I would like to know if there are any rules about this aspect.

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    I think the fear is pitting. If a knife rusts and the surface pits you run a greater risk of harboring bacteria.....that is just a guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by van Zanten View Post
    I would like to know if there are any rules about this aspect.
    Really need to ask your local health dept or whoever does the inspections in your area. As to the practical aspect, if it was unhealthy, people would've been sick until the advent of stainless and there would be no more carbon knives.

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    I assume carbon knives are allowed, no? Considering how chefs walk into Korin all the time for carbon knives. I thought the government had strict laws about wooden handles on cruise ships and what not.

    I've also seen sushi chefs those antimicrobial food service towels, but I don't know if they use it on their knives.

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    When I took the test for my Food Handler's card for the Sushi Bar I worked at(it was a new county), they had an extra section that was just about sushi. It pretty much was like "Don't use rice from yesterday, that's not allowed. Other than that, you just do your crazy thing and don't talk about it."

    There are things that, given enough time, the regulators may realize don't matter at all. As I've said in a video before, something has gone terribly wrong with the health inspectors think this is a good place to prepare things people will put INSIDE their bodies:

    (from a place I worked at, that got a Zero on Health Inspection)

    And yet this is considered HAZARDOUS:

    OMG! Carbon steel! Wood handle! End grain board! Machi on the knife! You murderer!

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