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Thread: Stainless at restaurants

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    Unfortunately it is always easier to regulate by concrete rules rather than degrees.

    Machi/no machi is easy. Deciding if something is too dirty, acceptably dirty, or just "patina-ed" takes a lot more. Not that it is right of course, but it would take a lot more training...

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    Never had any inspector question towels, knives, anything of the sort in Canada.

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    I work with a former public health inspector (PHI) right now, and I've heard stories of people out there doing really stupid crap. Things like washing veggies for salad in water that they just took raw chickens out of. Add to that the fact that PHIs know microbes and diseases, not cooking and kitchens and you'll get a lot of strict/blind application of rules.

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    Pretty much every inspector I have ever dealt with (and the one I know personally) check for the basics: temperatures, proper care, proper procedure, proper training of staff. If while spending time in your kitchen and looking at these things, they get the feeling that your staff is not properly trained (or disciplined) or that reasonable proper care is not being taken with your equipment, they go to the technicalities and start knocking off points. If they get the feeling that your operation is running well, small violations are usually pointed out, but not recorded. Most of our inspectors are reasonable, understand that you have a business to run, and that small slip ups and technicalities do not mean you are running an unsafe restaurant and causing people to be sick.

    That plastic board should have been a violation, just because it is plastic does not mean it can't also be a violation. You have a bad inspector, which is common. And if you had a wood board instead, I would expect it to be in similar or worse shape, and that board would have been a violation anyway, not because it was wood, but because of the condition. You can't reasonably make a case for allowing wood boards in a pro environment if you have shown you can't take care of a plastic one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by echerub View Post
    Things like washing veggies for salad in water that they just took raw chickens out of
    Thats a risky way to add some umami to your salad.
    Am I the only one who searched for The Edge from U2 and ended up here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Still-edo View Post
    Thats a risky way to add some umami to your salad.

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