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Thread: For the gun folks....

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    For the gun folks....

    I wanted to ask you gun toting folks what your opinion is on the great hand gun caliber debate. Do you go 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP.....what's your preference and why?

    Oh and I realize that this can turn into a religious/political type debate very easily but I'd appreciate cool heads here. Thanks

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    Dave, are you looking to primarily conceal carry, range/target shoot, or at home protection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by add View Post
    Dave, are you looking to primarily conceal carry, range/target shoot, or at home protection?

    Well all three are picks for me but CCW & home protection are the most important ones. I've had a lot of time with the Berretta M9 (and Taurus platforms) many years ago so I'm more than familiar with 9mm characteristics in both FMJ & JHP rounds and what I can expect there but I've never fired either .40 S&W or .45 ACP and I have an interest mostly in the .45 for my needs. I really have no preference though and I've heard all of the debates over the years too so I get where everyone is coming from and have nothing to add there myself. What I'm really looking for most from you guys is what you choose and why, I'm just curious what a knifenut would select.

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    Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what your significant other chooses and why as well.

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    Dave, you mention "gun toting folks", so I'm taking that to mean that you are asking about concealed carry. The answer then becomes "the largest caliber that you can shoot accurately and can comfortably carry all the time". If you don't have it when you need it, it doesn't matter what caliber it is. A .32 ACP in your hand is better than a .40 S&W back home because it's too big and heavy for you to have with you.

    If you are looking for some size and weight comparisons, check out this chart:


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    I am a 45 acp lover. It is big enough to stop, and it has a "friendly" feel when shooting. The other calibers have a sharper feel that I don't care for. 45s are available in many configurations as well, small compact autoloaders to big honking revolvers. I like revolvers because they have a smoother recoil and I like the simplicity.
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    I am a smaller guy so I prefer the 9mm.

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    Love my 40cal. It's the best of both worlds. More stopping power than a 9 but not as big and bulky as a 45.
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    .45 cal all the way. I'm a big 1911 fan, so that's part of the reason. Similar to what Spike said. IMO, with 9mm you can definetely take your target down, but shot placement plays a larger role. With a .45, there is no doubt. Of course, you still need to hit the target. Additionally, I haven't noticed a large price gap in ammo, always a big arguing point with calibers. Ironically, I am a big fan of the Sig 226, which is 9 or .40 cal, and would like to get one in .40 cal someday. Around here, .40 and 9 mm is easy ammo to pick up, .45 not so much. It's obviously the most popular caliber in my area.

    BTW, I don't find my .45 bulky in any way and I've owned/shot 9mm all my adult life.

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    I had a Kimber for about 10 years in North Carolina that was everything that a .45 should be. I would factor weight and balance into you decision making process in addition to caliber.

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