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Thread: I am so behind... But our trip to Bangkok back in March/April

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korin_Mari View Post
    Yes! It's so nice with such wonderful people too. But oh my goodness the food was so damn spicy, I was in tears... It was delicious so I kept eating. LOL
    There is a Thai place in Corpus Christi that sells green curry just like what I got in Thailand. I go there when I am there on dates with my wife and order it as spicy as they want to make it. I just sweat and blow my nose and keep eating. It hurts, and I love every second of it--the flavor is just not the same unless you get through the spice!

    I also brought back a glass-coated orchid for my mother. It was beautiful, Thailand has some amazing trinkets--very modern, but with a lot of appreciation for natural things.

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    Glad that you like my home town, although I don't live there now.

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    There is a Thai place in K.C. also (about 4 of them). I always got the Thai hot which made fun of Tabasco. Always crying and blowing nose and loving the flavor. Dam I miss that place. That is how Thai food is supposed to be from what I understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candlejack View Post
    Interesting! Looks like you had a great time! (found the text a biiit too markety though)

    But it sounds like a great trip,

    Do you know what kind of fish this is?

    looks like snakehead?
    I haven't lived the life I wanted, just the lives I needed too at the time.

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    What a trip!

    Thanks for sharing with us Mari.

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    Mari thank you so much for your post's really enjoying them.
    A clever cook can make good meat of a whetstone.” Erasmus

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeley View Post
    Mari thank you so much for your post's really enjoying them.
    Oh thank you so much!! I was a little worried since this trip didn't have too much to do with knives, but I'm so happy people are enjoying it anyways! It gives me incentive to write more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    Glad that you like my home town, although I don't live there now.
    Your hometown is WONDERFUL and filled with the nicest people. I hope to revisit again someday soon.

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    Thanks for posting this Mari.

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    Amazing - I've tried taking more of a local leg in Bangkok, but this trip of yours seems to condense more than what I got out of 2-3 of mine!

    I guess nothing beats travelling like travelling with a local chef. Especially if your priorities are skewed like mine. If I can do nos. 1-3, it is a good trip. 4-6 are add ons and afterthoughts. I can buy those postcards from anywhere. Or watch Nat Geo/Travel and living. Can still see the places, can't taste the food...

    And I'm envious of your trip.

    My priorities in travel:
    1. High end Local Food, and great local takes on international food
    2. Street food, and local markets
    3. Local people and cultures and where they go
    4. National Geographic esque places
    5. Shopping malls
    6. Touristy Spots

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