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Thread: Knife Systems Visit (Suisin) *WARNING: SUPER IMAGE HEAVY*

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    Thank you for posting
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    My god, the fact that he can make those knives for fun is insane. Nobody in the US can make a knife like that.

    That meal looks amazing!

    Hey, are they seriously sharpening in Anti-Freeze? Or do they have a reservoir of clean water nearby that just overflows into the anti-freeze?
    Yea! they were amazing tiny knives and the meal was fantastic. I had the pleasure of sitting across Mr. Doi and we got to talk a lot. He was afraid of eating suppon too. He was joking and saying how the turtle and the crab will fight in his stomach if he eats it. lol

    I actually have no idea about the anti-freeze. I was kind of quietly observing trying to take in everything. I was in just in awe the majority of the time. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    Thanks for sharing Mari. These pictures are great. I have one of Master Doi's knives that I treasure. I'm happy his son is carrying on the tradition.
    Awesome! I'm so glad to see more master Doi fans.

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    Great post - thank you..... I sneak off to get on a plane to go find Mr.Doi's trashcan.

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    Nice post; also an owner of Doi san knives. So now for the technical details; what is the finishing details and preferences for creating the ootb kasumi finish. Sugai san dvd says it is a secret. Looks like a cork to me...
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    Great post!!! Really good pictures and a great write up! I think it's awesome that he has been in the craft for so long, yet still strives to learn more. You don't see that type of dedication very much anymore!

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    Thanks for great article. Makes me feel even better to own one
    Stunning. Doi decided to stop producing blades after his 85th birthday. Amazing

    I wonder, can he live without it?

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    WHoot great post

    As much as I would love one of Doi's knives... I woulnd't be able to do the knife justice

    I'm safe as long as he doesn't make a KU blade

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    Thanks for sharing and taking us along.

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