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Thread: Your work horses?

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    Your work horses?

    Sorry if this is a repeat. But that thread about stainless knives in restaurant kitchens had me wondering.

    What do you guys use for your pro kitchen duties?

    I know some kitchens have different policies. Just in my family, my uncle supplies all that stuff. He is paranoid of the health code and believes in keeping things cheap and disposable. While in my aunt's kitchen she straps her dexter to her back like she's he-man. And tells everyone to get their own. Needless to say her kitchen is like the wild west compared to my uncle's concentration camp.
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    I have used everything I own at work. Mostly I end up using gyutos, which lately has been offerings from Devin, Gengetsu, and Marko.
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    For days where I know I will be really really busy, I bring my Shigefusa 240 Kitaeji Gyuto.

    *edit* I should add why.

    It matches my style seemlessly and the edge refreshes well. I don't have problems with it. If I could change anything, I'd want it to be the exact same knife, but magically stainless.

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    Tanaka R2's and Kono HD's seem to be my main go to's... Toss a little Takeda and Moritaka in for fun.
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    For prep, Lamson 8" chef and Nenohi 150mm petty. On the line, a dull Dexter 10" chef.


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    My DT was my main workhorse. I would use the AEBL because "Mis Chicos" didn't seem to get the whole carbon knife thing and I would find my Ealy O1 or DT 52100 in the dish area. I wish I had my new DT line knife back would have been really good.

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    Wa-handled hiro Itou 270 gyuto

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    cleaver no name




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    Knives beside my board primarily are Yoshihiro Hagane 270mm gyuto, Tojiro DP Nakiri and Tojiro White #2 Petty. Wait for a Pierre Mid-Tech so I have a Good Stainless Gyuto for line work.

    Fowler, Fujiwara make it out time to time.

    Can't forget the Indestructible 8" Wusthof Classic, I work in GM so I cut a fair amount of cheese.
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