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Thread: How to assess a deba

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    +1 to all the good advice here. Tips, hi spots, lo spots are all fixable issues. But a knife that isn't straight on the back needs to be sent back. That's how I view all traditional single bevels.

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    So the main thing I want to look for is that the ura touches a flat surface both on the spine and the edge. Is that right? And a little bending on the tip might be common if I'm understanding bieniek's post correctly.

    -Even along a flat surface on spine and edge of ura
    -Relatively few high and low spots above and below the shinogi
    -Fairly even grind in ura

    I'm going to Japan Wood Worker on Monday to check out a bunch of these in person.

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    straightness can be fixed... look at the quality of the grind on the ura and table of the knife. Look at the quality of the grind of the bevel. Look at the shape of the knife. Look at how it was mounted in the handle. Look at how the uraoshi has been done thus far.

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    So how much of a stickler do I really need to be with the evenness of the grind on something like the table (I'm assuming this is the part above the shinogi)? I've seen some more expensive knives and even they seem to have pretty obvious high and low spots in that area.

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    unevenness up there will make keeping the shinogi line even very difficult. did we talk about how to look at grinds last time you were down here?

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    You mean looking for any distortions of lines in the reflection? I think we checked out some knives using the blinds in your apartment as a reflection once.

    I figured that unevenness above the shinogi might make it tough to have a straight shinogi. Is a knife with any of those low spots unacceptable or can that also be fixed on a stone like the low spots in the bevel? I think So Yamashita once posted a bunch of pictures about how he flattened that area on a new single bevel knife. Are overgrinds on the table fairly common on single bevels?

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    there will almost always be some... its just a question of how much and how severe relative to the price

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    Makes sense. I'll try to find a deba that has the best combination of all these things. If I can't find a decent cheapy one to play around with, I'll just wait a bit and get a slightly more expensive one.

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in with advice.

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    I cannot be a photographer thats for sure.
    Sorry for the delay, I have some special projects going around.
    This is new deba from kikuichi. I tried to get better shot of the tip but you get the idea?

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    This deba looks a bit funny bieniek. Edge looks very flat (minimal curve) from the photo, and it does seem to come with very little work on the back side.. Is that the one you grab of bishamon?

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