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Thread: Stone Sales Return to JKS :)

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    No problem! I know how that goes. You fix what you can/want, I was just dumping feedback without censoring it.

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    Sales have been pretty good since we started back up. I want to thank those of you who have purchased from our store as well as take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the new members who may not know that we exist. Thanks for your continued support folks.

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    Dave, I was just browsing with my iPhone and I must say that I found the photo quality to be pretty low. Stefan's handles and your knives deserve to be displayed in all their glory.
    But the site is simple and easy to navigate so I feel it's working well in that aspect.

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    Are you planning to carry strops/compounds again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heldentenor View Post

    Are you planning to carry strops/compounds again?

    The short answer is yes but the long answer is I don't know what or when, it's complicated. I do have a member who's contacted me with a very interesting idea so hopefully something will come from that.

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