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Thread: J-Nat Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asteger View Post
    Vinster, you're shaming the rest of us!
    No no, I'm the one who has to live with piles of rocks to remind me of my issues...

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    'Piles of rocks'!? More like a quarry from the sounds of it. Anyway, a good excuse to build your own toishi storage room.

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    Takashima & Ikarashi

    Thank you maxim. My first jnats

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    how does that ikarashi perform thinking of getting one for my JNAT setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoqaVin View Post
    how does that ikarashi perform thinking of getting one for my JNAT setup
    Yup... I'd like to know that too. It should function as kind of bevel setter AFAIK... or??

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    Takashima & Ikarashi - nice combo

    Yeah, you can start with Ikarashi and avoid synthetics for most sharpenings. If you need a bit more, then use a 1k first (or the JNS 800k: really complements naturals, I think), then move to the Ikarashi next.

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    Ikarashi: cuts good for a jnat (1k to 2k as the site says) also leaves an even scratch patter (wish my camera was good at micro shots). I say great for beginners as it doesn't take off a lot fast.

    Takashima: simply amazing, great feeling when sharpening, and makes a nice slurry with a splash of water. it also cleans up marks from ikarashi nicely.

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    Nothing happening on this thread for a month, and I also haven't noticed much jnat talk on the forums recently. So, to remind everyone that jnats are a lot more interesting than synthetics, thought I'd post a photo. This is basically my current collection where I stack it beside the kitchen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asteger View Post
    That's an impressive set of stones! I guess a few more years of your jnats addiction and you'd have enough materials to build a house out of those bricks

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