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    And it all comes down to personal preference. Some people seem to like using higher grit edges at work. It might depend on the style of cooking you're doing. For me, personally, take the JNS 6000. It's a great stone, relatively fast, wonderful feedback, and leaves a really, really nice finish (if you're concerned about that). But I still prefer the edge I get off a Rika 5k over it - and for some of my knives, even that is too refined. But everyone has different tastes and requirements.

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    i take petty & suji and all stainless knives only to 2k (ikarashi), and for cheap knives only 600 grit

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    May i add some thought as well: a very quick and time saving stone is a Chu Nagura. There are not so many discussions reg this stone, though it's impressive! Having many great stones/ knives( and having tried out all the most common named (and not only )stones, inkl Arkansas, most EU- stones etc) -using them all the time i must say- i do really like Chu. It's very quick, IMO can be used instead of Aoto, you buy it normally as a brick, so it lasts a life. Very cost effective stone. And if i should leave 1 mid range, 1 higher grit stone- i would leave a Chu and an Ohira Suita. Both are quick and very good. Important notice- on every Jnat- you change the grit by changing pressure- this gives you such a range!!! But you know it. The cost-saving step would be to get a good Asano Nagura Set- using even your Aoto as a " board" you could get great result. Quickly. Though 1 good Suita would be great. Reg synthetics: I have 3 great 8.000 grit synthetics - they are really good, but... I don't use them. I hate the feeling .. If you should be quick- i could again advise a Shapton Glass Stone.. Is quick, but still not to compare..

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    J-Nat Club

    And again- different steels require different stones. Harder steels get sharper on harder stones. Below 60 HRC you get good results on med stones and 3-3,5 Lv stones diff grit.
    So IMO it's impossible to give general advises . Stainless and carbons need different stones.. Of course , if we need better results. For just good results we can use just good synthetics or coarse/ medium Jnats. But then forget "falling through the food feeling of the blade"..

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mikawa Shiro Nagura- i've got it today along with a good piece of Koma. This big full size Nagura looks and feels like Koma. Anyway, it's MUCH finer then all my Chu, and if i compare it with all my Asano and others Botan, Tenjyou, Mejiro- it feels like a very high grit Nagura. Seems to be quite old. Almost a finisher, very interesting stone. 2 kg brick . Another brick in the wall... My Tennen Toishi House grows!! 😜😜👍

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    Andrey, I request group shot! Hopefully you got a wide enough lens to fit all of your stones

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    Andrey strikes again!

    This one has aFrames written all over it.

    I have tried large Asano botan and tenjo, but not mejiro or koma (or any of the others, though ban looks particularly good and impossible to get). I have 3 small koma (2 on BST now) but don't know how a big koma feels. That's really sword polishing territory, but do you have a large Asano koma too? Chez Andrey must be a palace.

    Quote Originally Posted by icanhaschzbrgr View Post
    Andrey, I request group shot! Hopefully you got a wide enough lens to fit all of your stones
    I doubt it. We may need an exposé

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    I have some other hobbies as well, and a photo belongs there. But, folks, i really wanted to skip well exposed photos, because it might look like an advertising or so. That's why i use Iphone photos .
    A new Nagura comes from Takeshi/ Aframes. A stone is very "bizarre" , but quite good. And having good hard steel knives it's ok to use it. I use them on some swords as well - but this is not the topic here , right?
    That's why i love quite hard hones, i round them up forming the sharpening profile.
    I don't want to show it all, like " wow, guys, that is all my stuff" , i'm not that boy which needs to get likes- just a friendly exchange here.

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    Sigh ... I guess we'll just have to wait for a photo of the completed Maison Andrey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asteger View Post
    Sigh ... I guess we'll just have to wait for a photo of the completed Maison Andrey

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