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Thread: Tomo Nagura Extra

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    Tomo Nagura Extra

    Could anyone be helpful with some additional info regarding one of Maksim's tomo nagura. I'm looking to broaden my experience with natural stones, and having some "stats" to associate with it would be really helpful - or even just some terms commonly used to describe other stones.

    I know that there is probably quite a lot of variance among these, but nonetheless, I hope there's some common thread, so the experience of others can be useful to me.

    This is the stone in question:

    Feels fine and soft.

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    I’ve got a couple. The first one I got was in the shape of a small coffin. I ran a munetoshi across it that wasn’t cutting paper towel very well and with a couple of light swipes brought it right back. Feels like a harder takashima almost but not super muddy. Plays well with different steels. The shape of this one would make a nice traveler. The next one is more triangular in shape so not so much for a sharpener. I use this one for rubbing a slurry up. So I guess maybe ask Maksim for specific shape for your needs. Either way it was only 40$ and change. I think I bought the first one to bring my order up to free shipping, glad I did! In fact the next time I order I’m going to get one more for my garden tools.. sharp japanese snip snips!

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