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    Quote Originally Posted by markenki View Post
    The traditional sealer is cashew lacquer.
    The traditional sealer is Urushi lacquer, but it causes severe allergic reactions. It also has to be dissolved in turpentine, which does not smell too pleasant IMO.

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    You are correct. Cashew lacquer is similar to, but not the same as, urushi lacquer.

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    So there's urushi lacquer, cashew lacquer and shellac... which is the best? Shellac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patatas Bravas View Post
    So there's urushi lacquer, cashew lacquer and shellac... which is the best? Shellac?
    I use Cashew, but it makes sense only if you have a lot fo stones to seal. One can is ~30 bucks for I think 50ml, the good news is it can be diluted a lot.
    The easiest option would be Shellac, or some other water proof lacquer, readily available in stores.

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    I simply use shellac on most of my stones. For $10 at Lowes, it can't be beaten. However, my best stones are done the "traditional" way, in Urushi. But as Stefan mentioned, and I can attest to the fact, it "can" cause severe allergic reactions. Also, if you are in the US it is quite difficult and expensive to get Urushi, but if you ever get to visit China, Korea, or Japan, it is much easier to come by.
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    I use clear lacquer. As much as I wanted to do it the traditional way, the cost of getting urushi here was just way too high.

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    Yeah i think just clear lacquer also will be best, so you can still see the sides of the stone

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    I am all excited now...Might have to get with you Maxim, and get me some Jnats

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    Ohira Tomae lv4

    created by

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    With Ohira Range price increased i needed to get one my self
    I gave 3 times more for it them my first one Well lesson learned hehe

    Here it is

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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