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    Quote Originally Posted by JDA_NC View Post
    My lil' collection: blue Aoto, Hakka & Monzento ... I'm very happy with all three but I love, love, love the Hakka. Smooth, soft, and muddy. Just a real pleasure to sharpen on and it leaves an incredible edge on my knives. I've wrote about the Aoto earlier in this thread - still working on figuring out how to utilize it best. The Monzento is my most recent purchase and I'm having a lot of fun playing with it.
    Thanks for posting the photos. Yes, nice-looking Hakka.

    About the aoto being 'blue' Vinster has a theory that they could be called blue because of the paper label many come with. (Like 'blue steel' I guess.) It's possible....

    How similar are the aoto and the monzento? I think they're mined very close to each other. It takes some effort to get a good aoto, and I hear mixed impressions of the monzento which, I think, can sometimes be too soft or sandy. (For instance, I notice they're not carried on JNS.) How would you describe yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charles222 View Post

    Originally Posted by maxim

    I think expertise come from trying so many stones as possible
    Almost all stone vendors in Japan dont try out stones before they sell them. And some do but not on knives. usually on chisels or on kanna blades
    Thats why i think some of us have more knowledge what work best for knives razors etc .

    That's actually really interesting. I would assume the opposite.
    Makes sense when you think of it. The number of naturals sold for knives appears to be small, and stone sellers and tool users seem to have the strongest connection in Japan. Sellers on the internet also deal in tools and other things and so it'd seem unlikely that they'd be testing with knives, though some do or can if you request. They're probably also not the types to cook. Internet sales is a new thing too, and I don't think many are good at it and I think the normal thing would probably be for a local client to visit a seller and try out a stone himself with some general suggestions about which might work well with knives. Of course having a mix of good know-how and also being able to test the stone would be best.

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    Dave has inspired me so much ( with his Hiromoro full SPA treatment) - i can't do the same- so i started to change my Hiromoto using Ohira Uchigumori Hazuya ( a softer one), then Juzuya ( a harder one), then i added the Takashima slurry (Max- your Takashima is really outstanding!) - it looks already much better - i have to work around the bolster, and even more to achieve the ultimate finish.
    2 days invested ( 2 hours +1,5 hours ) - et voilà - i like the change already a lot- it's silky, hazy, very fine. The difference between it's native finish ( a mirror) and Kasumi is big, 4-5 next days at least - and that will be a piece, i hope. It has an Augami Super core- i like to use it , is one of my "work horses".

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    Very nice finish on this Hiromoto Andrey!

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    Today i've got my new white Ohira Suita with beautiful purple-reddish Renge on it. Nice stone, cuts so quick! I wonder it it will match my new Mizu-Honyaki, which i've bought today . Maksim has to supply a bunch of great knives! Itinomonn, Kato, Mizu- Honyaki Gyuto 240.. Nice stuff...
    I'll make the photos later

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    what is the monzento like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post
    what is the monzento like?
    Very soft & very, very muddy

    Give it a quick rub with water/your hand and it'll start to kick up mud - which is awesome because that's what I was looking for. Compared to the Aoto I have which is much finer, harder, and takes a lot of work to raise any substantial mud.

    I'm interested in seeing how much it dishes.

    I was touching up my Hiromoto AS gyuto today on it and I was shocked by how quickly it raised a burr. I was going to jump up to another stone after the Monzento but the edge it left was stupid good. Hyper toothy & sticky to the touch.... tore through all the types of paper I had in the house like it was nothing. I've been taking my edges to more refined grits lately and I forgot just how nice that can feel sometime. I'll see how it holds up through a few shifts.

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    I don't know if it was a lucky day for me or a mix of focusing on my technique & the stone itself - but the edge I got today felt like that sweet spot between a 1k grit stone and something like a Rika 5k. I leave some of my knives with a JNS 800 edge (which I feel is more 1-2k) and it's not as rough feeling as that, but also not as polished feeling as an edge off the Rika.

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    i wish you could get them in half size, i was interested in one of those before i got a fine aoto. mine leaves around 5k finish and i sometimes feel a toothy 4k edge is preferable.

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