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Thread: Special Order Gesshin Ginga 240mm White #2 Honyaki Western Gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncowan View Post
    this is so awesome! somebody finally electrostatic plates titanum nitride on a chef knife
    Huh? Are you on the right thread?

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    I think he was talking about the price? Not sure. I hope he was talking about the pic., it has some blue on the mid part of the blade. (on my monitor anyway)

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    the colors are from the protective coating to keep it from rusting or getting scratched while in storage. That should be removed prior to use (with acetone or something like that).

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    Wow... pretttttyyyyy! (Even post protective coating, I'm sure!)

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    I had seen that rainbow look to the steel on several knives, usually Honyaki knives and was wondering about it!! Now I know!

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