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Thread: In-Drawer Knife Block Options

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    I have never seen the Totally Bamboo product, but trust Mr. Drinky's opinion (particularly as he has both the Totally Bamboo and Wusthof). I went with the Wusthof because it fit my mother's drawer better than the Totally Bamboo, but will see if I can make the Totally Bamboo work in my own place.

    Hope you will let us (me!) know what you think of it when it arrives.
    That is exactly why I just took the plunge with the Totally Bamboo, neither is bad I'm sure but I hadn't heard of a single comparison.

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    Awesome! I'm sure it'll be great!
    Save room for the Nakiri

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    Sorry for being late to this thread, but here is another vote for the totally bamboo one. The other thing that is nice about it is that you can easily trim it down width-wise by just sawing through the bamboo strips that go across the wave. I have two of them one is modified to a 4 big knife slot version (as opposed to the standard 5) so it all fits nicely into the drawer with the cleaver lying flat in the middle.

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    Personally, I use this one from J.A. Hankels to hold all my ceramic knives:
    No rods or metal in it at all, and the knives are spaced sufficiently apart that I have no problems grabbing them with my big hands...

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