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Thread: Chef Pants

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    Best trousers and jackets I used. Stay cool jackets are great with the thin yet very very strong material used. I have mine for three years, boil it in pot with soap every week [or machine at 95°] and it still looks like new. The trousers are relatively thick, and also are old but very little wear on them, and those i use on very regular basis. And check the prices for them, just a bargain!

    Marc Thuet is an great example on what youve mentioned above. And i dont have any problem with that:biggrin2:

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    I'm fond of the Chef Works and Chef Wear cargo pants. The pockets are pretty handy.

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    Dickies flat front pants. They're already Scotchguarded, they come in colors, and being a short guy, the doubleknees look dumb on me. Usually they're about $22 at a army surplus store, which is about half of those chef pajama pants. Decent protection from spills and heat.


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