I will visit Sanjyo (Shigefusa,Iwasaki,Yoshida,Wakui etc)
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Thread: I will visit Sanjyo (Shigefusa,Iwasaki,Yoshida,Wakui etc)

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    I will visit Sanjyo (Shigefusa,Iwasaki,Yoshida,Wakui etc)

    On 14th and 15th I will drive to Sanjyo and visit some workshops there including Shigefusa, Iwasaki, Yoshida, Wakui.

    If you have any questions that I should ask them please reply to this thread.

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    I don't have any questions, but I am completly envious. Enjoy your visit.

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    Yeah, what he said!

    Take a look around at: www.sharpandshinyshop.com

    Email me at: tmclean@sharpandshinyshop.com

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    I am back.
    It will take same time translate about the visit.

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    Day one (14th) Yoshikane Hamono Seisakujyo, Wakui Ba-ru Hamono Seisakujyo (Wakui crowbar and cutlery workshop, I do not know the official English translation), Honshin (saya craftsman Mr.Honda), Sanjyo Kaji Doujyou (I do not know the official English translation) http://www.ginzado.ne.jp/~avec/kajidojyo/index.html, Sanjyou-shi Rekishi Minzoku Shiryoukan (a small Museum about Sanjyo history culture. I do not know the official English translation) http://www.city.sanjo.niigata.jp/rekimin/ and Sanjyo Shiritu Toshokan (Library of Sanjyo City, I do not know the official English translation) http://lib.city.sanjo.niigata.jp/ .

    Day two (15th) Shigefusa Hamono, Sanjyou Seisakujyo (Iwasaki) and another blacksmith. I had long and intensive conversation with Iizuka-san and Iwasaki-san. So not so many visits.

    Data of the trip: about 670km, fee for highway to Sanjyo on weekday 5,300Yen, back to Tokyo on Saturday 1400Yen, gasoline about 55liter (my car is not an ECO car)

    Now I am writing about Yoshikane workshop

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