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Thread: Mcusta-Zanmai

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    A bit steep for VG-10, but them handles sure are nifty.

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    It appears the handle is twisted....
    Last edited by NO ChoP!; 06-14-2012 at 12:47 AM. Reason: just read in photo description that it is indeed twisted...
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    The f&f looks great as far as picture can say, the twisted handle I haven't a clue I'd have to hold it in hand before I said anything about comfort. VG-10 well I wish it was a more highly regarded steel but let's hear from Dave, how was it to sharpens? I've heard varying reports on VG-10 which basically came down to the HT, was it super chippy or was it a decent blade?

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    Hmm here is one that is on the website. kinda a different handle too.

    Attachment 7981

    not as much detail on that pic, but different.

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    I got one of these for my dad. And it's a surprisingly good knife. Holds a really good edge. At least his one does.

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    The sharpening went nice, it kind of reminded me of the Hattori FH knives.

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    "Knife of the Year 2012"

    Well not only Mcusta figured it out.

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    HA! You're kiddin me!

    Dave, you've got a job opening at the Blade Show.

    I wouldn't buy that knife for $30 BTW. The blade looks like poorly set concrete.

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