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Thread: A few lost souls

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    A few lost souls

    We've had a string of vivitors here in Panaca over the last week, two of which are members of the board here.

    Last Tuesday Dr. Sam Wise came up and spent a day and a half forging and making knives.

    Thursday TK59 and Kalaeb came and visited for a few days. Tinh had a list of things that he wanted to do and get done. We did some forging and grinding, heat treating, handles etc.

    This Tuesday knife maker Keith Ouye came by so that I would finish his damascus order. Inbetween all of those guys, knife makers Jim Sargent and Gary Powell dropped by for a half a day or so.

    Professor Tinh ground a blade and did some sharpening inbetween cooking and waiting for his boiled egg to thaw.

    Kakaeb (matt) ground most of a blade and we showed him how to make a wa handle. He already does some really nice western handles for Mark. Matt was a sprinter in college and had a time of 48 something seconds in the 400 meter, that's fast. He has an interesting job, ask him about it some time.

    Professor Tinh did what he could to keep me from getting grouchy. We had a great time.

    Matt got pulled over for doing 35 in a 25 while leaving Panaca. The officer asked him why he was in Panaca, he said that he was visiting a friend. The officer asked who the friend was and Matt said Devin Thomas. The officer told Matt to tell Devin that he just got you out of a ticket. hehe

    Nobody was really lost, but somehow they ended up in the middle of no where.

    Love and respect.


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    I'd love to spend a day with a maker as an extra set of hands or giving a small piece a shot. *cough* Pierre

    Hope everyone had a great time!
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    sounds like a great time, even though you had a shop full. Glad to hear you have some pull with the cops.

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    I'm going to have to swing by one of these days. Glad everyone had a great time.

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    A definate thank you to Devin and his family. Devin was ever patient and helpful. And although he wont admit it, a very hard worker. From 8 in the morning to 8 at night (with a small Siesta in the middle, something I think everyone should do) he opened his home and shop to us and allowed a glimpse of the mastery that comes from it.

    Thank you again, I am going to try dropping your name to the police up here and see if it works. You never know how far your reach has spread.

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    Sounds like a great time!

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    Any pics??? Sounds like a great time.
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    pics or this didn't happen...

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    second that, picts please.

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    What happens in Panaca, stays in Panaca.

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