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Thread: Trying a single bevel, looking for iput and suggestions.

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    Wow Randy those are coming along nicely. I love the fact that when you are learning something so is everyone else. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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    Really looking good now.

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    I am learning as I go on these, Iv been working for many day now with the 4 stones that I have. Im new to the whole thing and having lots of fun as I learn. Each stone is giving very unique effects on the steel. I know, It seems like that would be the case, yet. to my surprise, what I expected to happen didnt, and I was actually surprised and left with questions by what did happen.

    I have a King 1200 and a green ? 2000 and a Rika 5000x and a king 8000.

    First The 1200 King, Quite possibly my favorite stone of the 4 I love the feel of it and it leaves a nice cloudy look to the steel and very clean defined scratch patterns. flattened the face very cleanly and as close to perfect as my hands can make it.

    I was not going for that cloudy look so I went to the next stone

    Green ? make 2000 stone, Seems like a great stone and really cleaned up the cloudy look, leaving a almost mirror finish on the face of the blade.

    Mirror finish was what I was after so I went to the Rika 5k. expecting a even finer mirror finish, I was SURPRISED after working the bevel for a minute and taking a look, Rather then refining the near mirror finish from the green stone, The face was cloudy again and had very defined scratch patterns again. Mind you. The stone cut great and evenly, scratch pattern finer then the 1200 as you would expect, and in just a minute or two the entire blade face was even looking and had that nice cloudy look.. About now Im scratching my head and trying to understand why the 2k gives a near mirror and 5K leaves a cloudy finish? SO I move up to the King 8000g and go for it. figuring... Who know what I can expect..

    After a few minutes on the 8K stone I cleaned the blade and examined it and found that the blade showed a finish somewhere in the middle of cloudy and mirror. different then any of the previous looks. Again. scratching my head here. I worked the 8 K stone for about 10 minutes or so. then cleaned up the blade again looking for different results then the first look. But nope. The same. sorta cloudy, yet sorta polished. yet not one or the other.

    So now Im just shooting this out looking for some answers to what the heck is the deal with these fancy rocks? and why I cant get a mirror finish with a 8000 Grit stone? but can with a 2k stone?? Is it the stones hardness? or the type of abrasive the stone is made from? etc.

    This has been alot of fun and messy and cool.. I will say that Im very pleased with the blade so far, and there a certain pride in working a blade this much by hand on the stones, refining the faces and the bevel, and making finite changes to the profile as I worked the blade! Yet at this point, I am about ready to just etch it like I would any other damascus blade and them rework just the face on the stones. Back to the almost mirror finish 2k and call it good? What do you all think?

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    Each stone will behave a little differently. Is the green 2K stone fairly thin, like 1/2" thick or so? Maybe a Shapton Pro 2K? I have the Rika 5K and it is rated at 5K finish, but it's a cloudier finish. Some people report getting around a 5000 grit finish if they grind on the mud with only the weight of the blade, but I kinda like the bitey edge that it gives a knife. I have a 8K stone that gives more of a mirror finish than other higher grit stones, including naturals. Some stones give a cloudier finish and others give a clearer finish and they may act differently on different steels. That's one of the joys of waterstones; they are all a bit different!

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    IK, So I picked up a special tool thats gona aid in the making of the single bevel knives. I have to fabricate a tool arm for it to fit on my grinder. But very shortly I will be able to do something similar to the traditional single bevel with the Concave on the back side.

    Ill keep you posted of the progress and like I said somewhere in this thread. I really am interested in making a pass around knife and picking 6 or 10 people to beat the snot out of one of my knives. No I just have to find the time to make it happen. I would really like it to be a single bevel blade. I think I will learn more from the pass around then if I send a double grind blade. ?? I may be wrong. It wouldnt be the first time! lol

    Thanks for looking and all the comments

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    This is really interesting and I'd really like to see how this develops! Would enjoy testing it too. Having a number of folks test drive the knife is probably the only way to really find out how it will perform in-use under different conditions and in different environments.

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    I have not posted about this in a while. I had to set it aside and was just able to get back to it this week.

    The good thing is my 48" wheel arrived in the time I was not able to play with this one. Its really not a wheel, but is a tool arm that attaches to the grinder with a radius equal to a 48" wheel. Should make doing single bevel knives a little better and allow me to produce some really nice cutting blades.

    So after working more on the back side of this one. I finally etched the blade to show the pattern, because after all the stone work I have done by hand, I still could not get the damascus pattern to show at all. Im sure Im missing something in the equation.

    Specs 248mm on the edge. 51mm heel height. Modified ladder pattern 1095/1080/15n20 RC 59/60

    Heres a few photos. Next will be some test cutting an sharpening etc.

    Can someone please advise me the best way to add the final bevels. possibly a link or thread or youtube vid etc.

    What ya think so far?
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    Is this suppose to be a single bevel gyuto/funy, something along the line of Suisin Momiji? Pattern looks great. And it seems that bevel width still gets smaller towards the tip.

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    I dont know for sure what it would be called, or considered, Its a 240mm gyuto shape that I was attempting my first single bevel on. Thanks for the cretique on the bevel. I have not taken calipers to it, But will to see how much it differs between the heel to the tip.

    I did not try and copy or pattern this blade from a Suisin Momiji. The blade profile and shape may be similar. Again I dont know for sure what that is. I will Google it.


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    Yep, The bevel height does change and is less tall toward the tip. Easy to see with the calipers where it starts to change. Good eye.

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