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Thread: alternative to bose sound dock?

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    alternative to bose sound dock?

    ok so i have no knowledge of electronics really....i know a lot of u guys are into high end speakers entertainment centers etc, here is what i am looking for....

    1)a radio for my deck-preferably to hook up to an i-touch or nano

    2)wireless would be awesome but no necessary

    3)the only reason i say alternative to bose sound dock is because its expensive....i have heard them play though and i would like at least that sound quality and volume or better

    4)trying to keep it under 150....the cheapest i have found a bose is like 180 or so....the cheaper the better though for me!!!!

    i googled a bunch of stuff and it seemed a lot of people liked this:

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    I have the Klipsch and like it. It is perfectly adequate for my entertainment room, but if I were to choose again, I would probably go for the soundfreaq. I heard one at Target and was impressed -- though I have never owned one. With that said, I also love the portability of my jawbone jambox. Sound is good but not great, but the combo of size, sound, and bluetooth means that it always travels with me.

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    You may want to consider the Jawbone Jambox. It's in your price range plus it's wireless via bluetooth. ($149.99) -

    Review Link:

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