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Thread: My email got hacked!

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    My email got hacked!

    Yesterday afternoon I received notifications of delivery failures for half a dozen emails.
    When I checked to see what messages did not go through I found messages for a get rich working at home thing.
    I contacted my provider and they told me my email address had been used to send out a bunch of Spam emails.
    They walked me through changing the security settings and my password to prevent this from re-occuring.
    If anyone received any nonsense spam emails from me, my apologies.
    This was a first for me.
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    This seems to happen to hotmail accounts frequently. Happened to me about 6 months back.

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    And here I thought you were just showing me some secrets to gain 2-3 inches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Edge View Post
    And here I thought you were just showing me some secrets to gain 2-3 inches.
    Wrong kind of wood growth.

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    Just hope it wasn't a stabilized, umm, treatment. That could prove cumbersome in several situations that passed through my mind in the time it took to type this!

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