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Thread: July 3rd Japanese Craftsmen Visiting JKI

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    July 3rd Japanese Craftsmen Visiting JKI

    So, on July 3rd (in the evening after the store closes... around 6:30pm or so), we will have a couple craftsmen visiting the store from Japan. We will be discussing sharpening, having a sharpening demo, doing knife sharpening, and talking about all things knives (with translation of course). As our store is tiny, space will be limited (sorry).

    If you're interested in attending, please e-mail me at or call at 310-399-0300.

    Again, space is limited and this is an RSVP ONLY event.

    More Information upon RSVP.

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    wow sounds great, to bad I'm not in Venice.

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    spots are filling up pretty quick... we're about 1/2 full right now. If you're interested, get in touch with me soon. I have a feeling this will be full shortly.


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    Thanks for hosting us, Jon & Sara! Very interesting to meet the two gentlemen and some of the other KKF peeps.


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    glad you could make it... it was a very nice time. Pics and maybe even video to come soon...

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