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Thread: Splash 'n Go stones

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    Splash 'n Go stones

    For YEARS now people have asked me to recommend splash 'n go stones to them and I always reluctantly hesitate and do what I can to get out of answering them. The reason is that I personally don't prefer them so it's difficult for me to be enthusiastic for them. I've thought about this a lot over the years and I've even made the attempt to sell some but I always fall back to my favorites.

    Well I've finally given in and decided to sell some splash 'n go stones and I went with what I know best, stones that I started sharpening with myself, stones that I've done many (many) hundreds of knives, woodworking tools, and hair shears on making them something that I can get behind as long as I represent them for what they truly are - convenient.

    I say that they're "convenient" as being their greatest asset because I don't believe them to have the greatest feel or feedback qualities when compared to soaking stones but I do believe these to have the best feeling and feedback compared to other splash 'n go stones I've used.

    My recommendation for someone looking for convenience afforded by non-soaking stones is the Shapton Professional Series

    I selected the stones from this series that I find most useful and friendliest to work with. The lower grits (320x, 1000x, & 2000x) have the best feeling and feedback of all the Shaptons I've ever used. The polishing stones are not as easy to use though, they require a slower beat and steady hand, they're hard and more unforgiving for sure. The 5000x is very slick while the 8000x is rubbery/slick. Again these aren't the great feeling soaking stones I prefer but they get the job done when convenience is the greatest concern. I offer these stones for those people who need the convenience.
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    BTW, should any professional hair shear sharpeners stumble across this thread I would strongly recommend the Shapton Pro 1k, 5k, 8k combo for working ride lines. This isn't the easiest set up to have when mobile (in salon with 3 stones sucks) but it IS the ultimate perfection for working those ride lines to crispness. The resulting action will be slick and polished, results are achieved fast, and the stones don't dish from all day heavy use - what more could you want besides a smaller package?

    Anyway, I just thought I'd throw that out there for the guys who are out in the salons struggling.

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    I find these stones to be very good for knives.
    I bought them originally for my razors, where the 12-15 and 30K are among my very favorites.
    The 30K in my opinion are only rivaled, and surpassed, by the Suehiro Gokumyo 20000.
    But after trying them on my kitchen knives, they seem to suit me very well in that regard too.

    I suppose it is my background from honing razors on extremely hard naturals that make me enjoy them so much for kitchen knives

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    I've used the 12/15k & 30k a lot on knives but never got the hang of really making them work great for me. If I really took my time the 30k would make a perfect looking edge though -like mirror perfect.

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    I actually really like these stones. I don't have the time anymore (yes, I know it is only 15 min) for messing with soakers and these fit the bill well.

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    As an addition to all posted above, those are super for razors too, I have been trough the popular progressions but this system works best so far.

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    The 2k is still one of my favorite stones. It's like my first car.

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    oh, I so regret selling my Shapton Pro 1k, loved that stone. The 5k not so much, but the 1k was a great stone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwpark View Post
    oh, I so regret selling my Shapton Pro 1k, loved that stone. The 5k not so much, but the 1k was a great stone.
    you really liked it? I find it pretty bad, too gritty for my liking and not too fast cutting.

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