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Thread: Best budget stainless 210 wa gyuto?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    I've been pleasantly impressed with the cutting performance of the Sugimoto stainless line. It's a perfect candidate for rehandling.

    I have played with it.. the Steel is very acceptable. I also use the chopper/ cleaver which is thin and light enough to be classified as a Chinese chef's knife.

    a) it is a very thin blade

    b) The tip has been rounded off to make it less dangeroous for the home user. I reprofiled from the spine to tip to make it more pointy..

    c) Will be a gem as a thin blade gyuto with after your rehandle work..

    d) do take note that the grinding for sharpening is 70/30 or 80/ 20 grind.

    The price jumps quite significantly if it is a 240mm blade. Bang for the buck at 210mm.

    Have fun...


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    Tojiro makes a Wa handled DP gyuto in 210 and 240mm in VG-10 core steel.

    With the handles you make, Western Handles should be no problem!! I find them easier than Wa style handles. Cut out your material, drill the pin holes and shape/sand/polish the front of the handle material with both scales held together with the pins, epoxy the handles to the tang, and then shape them out. The hardest part is getting everything flush to the tang. I have a small wheel attachment for a 1x30, but you can use the rubber sanding arbors and sanding bands they sell and use them in a lathe or drill press. Just go slow and don't use a lot of pressure because they will smoosh and the tang will stick out from the handle material.

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    Making a Western handle has been on my list for a long time (as has been making a saya), but since I had orders for wa handles piling up, I just kept postponing it. But this summer for sure!

    I was going through my box today and found a whole bunch of budget knives I had pretty much forgotten about, including an Ittosai funayuki from Hidatool, a Tosagata nakiri, a Tosagata bunka and a couple of Kai Wasabi santokus. Maybe I will play around with those first, even though carbon blades may be a bit risky for some of my friends. But other than that the Sugimoto looks like a winner. Thanks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post

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