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Thread: My sharpening tool

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    haha thnx, how do you know i'm dutch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by van Zanten View Post
    haha thnx, how do you know i'm dutch?
    Hey, just noticed this again. Of course you're Dutch: your name, your accent ... although I do hear Led Zepplin in the background and not Golden Earring.

    Anyway, my dad's Dutch so it was a cinch.

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    Haha I see :-D Yeah Led Zeppelin and Golden Earring are both great for in the shop!

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    This is an excellent thing you've made. I agree on the idea of shims or a way to raise or lower the platform the stone sits in. Of course this would be a good idea for the people who like to buy all choseras for instance. I think with the long radius it shouldn't be a problem unless you have a really long knife but still I think shorter learning curve than an edge pro. I think it's more like an upside down Gizmo as it used full size stones. Anyway great engineering

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    Yes. However, with the extra degree of freedom, you would introduce a need for a little more skill and probably defeat the purpose. You'd need to be able to "program" the curvature of the blade into the device or perhaps you can simply position the blade so the less acute angle is at the heel for tough chopping jobs and the more acute angle ends up at the tip and call it good...
    Isn't the fact that the blades gets thinner towards the tip - if you keep the blade at a constant angle to the stone - you do just the opposite - a more acute angle at the heel ?
    I can't get the right picture in my mind about this question so would appreciate your input.

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