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Thread: New Sharpening Service Prices

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    I think Jon "1 Upped" every pro sharpener in the Western Hemisphere. Can't wait to see this setup.

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    I feel left this a sharpening wheel? Old school?

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    another repair-
    finally got a before and after... did this repair yesterday. I forgot to take a before pic again, but this time the owner happened to have one. Straightened the edge, fixed shinogi line, cleaned up blade, put on nice hamaguri edge, did uraoshi, and made it look pretty

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    Looks great, Jon! I need to brush up on my Japanese knife terms.

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    Wow that shinogi line is all wavy. very nice work. Is uraoshi a dance you do right after you are done with all that? Oh wait that is the hokey-Pokey, my bad.

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    Holy... at those prices every knife I received would get a spa treatment at Jon's to set the true edge, before I carry on scratching it up myself happily in the knowledge that come what may, I can have it refurbished for cheap.

    Jon - plan to open a branch in South East Asia with your twin brother at the helm?

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    Sounds fun! Great work!

    Does your new wheel do the ura hollow?

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    nope...thats a different kind of wheel (and cant be used for the same kind of sharpening this one is used for). Both wheels are used in the blade making process.

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    So it's on order...?
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