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Thread: Why did you close your contest thread

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    Why did you close your contest thread


    Why did you close and delete your thread: Photo Contest - Pick Your Own Prize each Month?
    Lots of cool pics there for inspiration, and lots of cool wood from you.


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    Hi Oivind

    The moderator team has temporarily put the contest thread on hold. There are some matters relating to the thread that are currently under discussion.

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    Ok. Thanks. Lots of cool pictures there

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    Wow, for the first time in a long time I find myself agreeing with Oivind. Lol. Even if you close the thread to prevent future post, at least leave it open to view so we can see all the works of art.

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    The decision to close the thread was initiated by the Moderators in an effort to prevent circumvention of forum rules.

    Several options to preserve existing content are under consideration. Thank you for your understanding, support and continuing contribution.

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    The contest thread in question here has been closed but not deleted. Some posts were in violation of our rules and have been removed.

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    Was there an issue with people posting other folks' paid work(I.E. Mark's wood on so-and-so's knife/handle)?

    If so, just my , but that seems like maybe not such a big deal. The main focus is the fantastic wood, which he supplies. I don't see that as being any different than folks posting pics of their personal expenses of knives with a variety of makers/brands.

    Now if they were self-promoting, I can see that. But if it's the first case, I say NBD.

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    The issues that came up were all self-promotion.

    No one has been restricted from showing work that they had done by someone else, this isn't against the rules unless we have a shill and then that's a whole other problem to deal with.
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    Oh, right on.

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    Thanks for the clarification. It was bringing up memories. Your explanation makes sense. Hope there is a way to stop that without harming the thread. Best of luck.

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