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Thread: Poor experiences with Korin?

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    Thank you all for your reassurances! I really appreciate it. Please let me know if you guys come to the store! I'm usually upstairs in the office.

    Shipping is always an issue for us. We've been looking for a solution forever, but its difficult mainly because of the large variety of products we carry. Most other places only sell small sized things that aren't all that heavy. I know that's not the customer's problem, but just so you know we're aware that shipping is one of our biggest problems. Hopefully we'll find a solution soon.

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    I was just about to purchase $500 in grilling supplies, but the shipping was 20% of the price so I'll pass. I don't mind paying shipping, but that's excessive. If you have a grilling sale coming up very soon, I'd appreciate if you'd let me in on the discount code.


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    Just want to say that I bought a grill from Korin. Mari got the grill to me in 48 hours and the service was awesome. Could not ask for more.

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