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Thread: Nenox quandry

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    I've owned a couple and many cheaper and more expensive knives. They cut very well, but as Pesky wrote, they were great in their day but that time has passed. Too many companies and knifemakers do a better job at a much cheaper price point. They have rode the popularity wave for a long time, but it started dissipating a long time ago. I'd take one again in a heartbeat, but not at what they are charging them for. I have nothing to back this up with, but I believe in Japan they are still in very high demand as Japanese are very loyal to brands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pescador View Post
    Nenox, in my opinion, served a need for a while. While most J-knife makers were deaf to complaints about poor fit an finish, Nenox knives were the exception. The knives were finished perfectly in really cool and exotic materials like Corian and quince burl. Sadly, the steel was just so-so, and has remained just so-so. There is a fierce contingent of people who swear by them (Charley?) But it seems like the conscientious is that they are $150 blades with a $450 handle.

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    That's funny considering corian is dirt cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    Overpriced in my opinion and the zknives review didn't help them much.
    I guess it didn't. My review didn't help to sell that gyuto either. Took years...

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    I don't remember whether zknives did the higher end steel or not.
    I've had Nenohi Nenox S-1 Honyaki gyuto, which apparently is made out of VG-1 steel, dunno if they have higher end steel these days. Like I said in the review, part of the reason I was so negative about Nenox was the fact that my expectations were high, based on price and hype surrounding them. I expected performance on par or comparable with Aritsugu A-Type, Sanetsu ZDP-189, Watanabe Honyaki gyuto and such... Seeing how much cheaper, VG-10 knife from Henckels Miyabi outperformed it was a real downer.

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    Wow I would have been pissed if my Miyabi did better than a Nenox for almost 6x.

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