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Thread: What steel?

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    What steel?

    So, the Gesshin Ginga line is finally back in stock and before I place my order I was wondering about the two types of steel. Jon had said that the white#2 would be sharper but the stainless would hold the edge longer. I do a lot of prep work at home and I do know how to use a knife and I have also been practicing sharpening with my 1000/6000 stone.

    Any suggestions as I have only owned Global, Whustof and Shun knives.

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    Since you haven't owned carbon before, are you aware of it's needs?
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    sorry dave, i edited my post after re-reading yours...if you don't mind the upkeep, it is definitely more fun (sharper and gotta love a patina) than stainless

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    carbon requires a bit of extra care, especially when cutting acidic foods. You should understand things like patinas and make sure you wipe your knife clean and dry anytime you put it down and before you store it away (make sure it is dry).

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    As far as I know the stainless in the gesshin ginga series is exceptionally easy to sharpen. I would go stainless.

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    I am a bit "particular" (was going to use another word but....) about my knives so keeping them clean would not be a problem. Not a big fan of patina......sorry. Obviously I want the best of both worlds, super sharp and last forever I do like shiny knives though.

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    Steel it is then. I'm ordering it this week....cant wait

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