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Thread: Visualizing What a New Handle Will Look Like

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    Visualizing What a New Handle Will Look Like

    I'm looking at having the handle replaced on a Shigefusa 240 kasumi gyuto. I scour the web looking for nice wood, but it's really hard to imagine what a given piece will look like on the knife. So I've set up a PowerPoint slide that allows me to do a lot of playing around with different woods on that knife. The process went as follows:

    1. Take a picture of the knife and import it into PP, resize and position it.
    2. Go to arizonaironwood, burlsource, eBay, etc., and download pictures of wood blocks. If a site won't let me "save" an image (like eBay), I use CaptureWiz to get it.
    3. I use the IrfanView app to rotate and resize the downloaded photos, then import them into PP.

    In the end I get something like the slide below, with the Shig on top and various potential handles below it.

    In this next screenshot I've put the black-dyed buckeye handle on to see what it might look like:

    And in this last shot I'm trying the green-dyed box elder handle on for appearance.

    It's far from perfect, but it helps me a lot. I'm leaning toward the black buckeye at the moment.

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    Hey, very cool.

    Seen it applied to paint colors on houses and wheels on specific car models... so why not knives?

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    This is cool.

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    Very cool process and buckeye burl is a great choice.

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    Very cool! Are you going to do a plain black ferrule, or are you going to download more wood and create more slideshows?

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    Great! Have been meaning to do smething like that for years with my own wood stash, but just taking all the pictures would take me so long that I never really followed up with it. Using the available pics certainly makes it easier.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Edge View Post
    Very cool! Are you going to do a plain black ferrule, or are you going to download more wood and create more slideshows?
    Could get kind of busy with a figured ferrule. I'm thinking maybe plain black with a spacer--red, silver, I don't know.

    It would be great if someone would write an app for this. Problem is, the worldwide market would be like 6.

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    Very cool idea and application.

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    Great tool!

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    Neat. I've done some work designing knives in CAD and there's always a gap between what I think of it in CAD and what I think of it when it's cut out and profiled in the physical world. Most of my final templates are roughly created in CAD and then adjusted when I can actually hold the steel and look at it from different angles. I'm sure there will be parallels between CAD blade design and the nifty job you've done. Good luck!

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