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Thread: Returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    It is a piece of WOOD fer criminy sakes. Wood is not a uniform material.
    We live in a country where billions of tomatoes and pieces of fruit are pretty damn uniform, eggs all look the same and customers expect their shipped product to look like the picture. Not the same exact board as in the picture know what I mean.

    It takes a certain amount of education to have people accept heirloom tomatoes, eggs from real farm raised chickens and wabi sabi from artisan made products. I can see why the OP saw that one block of wood as a defect.
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    I sincerely appreciate all the comments posted here. Realizing I can't make everyone happy helps to keep me grounded and keeps the ego in check.

    I have had several offers to buy the returns I receive, which amounts to only one to three a year. For safety concerns, I will continue to cut them up and dispose of them in the dumpster.

    Along with returns, I have boards that never see the light outside of the shop due to a flaw which has surfaced during sanding making it unsellable in any form or fashion. Currently I have started the production of 16 - 16 x 22 maple boards and 10 - 12 x 18 maple boards. Of those 26, I expect 5 or more to either be cut down to smaller sizes or discarded entirely. When processing the raw stock for those boards, about 25% was pulled out due to defects that were unseen until they went though either the jointer or planer. With rough sawn stock defects are tough to see except for knots which stand out like sore thumbs. Each year I make about 700 boards more or less and easily I have 100 others which can't make the cut due to problems/defects.

    The suggestion to send an approval photo prior to shipping could be a logistical nightmare. When I ship boards on Fridays, normally UPS backs up to the door and takes 15 to 25 boxes. If I have to wait for approval before shipping, a board could wait for weeks until an approval is received due to some of the email addresses I receive from customers are their disposable addresses and aren't checked regularly. Good idea though.

    Again, I realize I can't satisfy everyone 100%, that is a dream. What I can do is make each and every board the best I can and make each one as useful and long lasting as I can. If someone has a problem, I will try to work with them to make it a win-win for both but sometimes that won't happen so we resort to returns. Hence, the policy, stated above and now in writing to be included within each and every box that will be shipped from today on.

    Thanks to everyone for their participation, suggestions and comments. They are all appreciated.

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    You know what they say about being in business................If it weren't for the employees, customers and vendors it would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    You know what they say about being in business................If it weren't for the employees, customers and vendors it would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    You know what they say about being in business................If it weren't for the employees, customers and vendors it would be great!

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    One last thing- I just looked closely at my board and it has some mineral staining. I forgot about it because after a couple of oilings with mineral oil and a coat of board butter and some time the stain is almost invisible. What these boards look like when you get them is not anything like what they look like after they live a little!
    It is too bad that the person who was dissatisfied did not have a chance to see his board mature.
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    Got mineral stains on both of our bigger boards, too. 100% agree they 'tone down' after some oilings, waxings and board use. None are as big as the one that sparked this thread, but multiple blocks in both boards do have the stains.

    A few dozen people have seen our boards up-close, and no one has mentioned the stains. But many of asked where the boards came from, and how they could get one.
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    Thank you to everybody participating in this thread for keeping it sane & objective.
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    I'm still waiting for my I think you all should stop distracting Dave

    Dave - when it arrives I promise to like it!!

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    I think that this thread is actually great. My only addition is that we shouldn't make the OP on any craftsman's forum (sorry it is David's in this case) feel like he is wrong unless he was totally out of line to begin with. As a close knit community, we often try not to besmirch the reputations of many vendors and craftsmen that many on the forum hold up in high regard. It must be hard as it is writing anything negative in that setting. Being asked to get over it by everyone else as a response, doesn't always make a great deal of sense.

    As an aside, I doubt David should photograph every board he sends out the door. If it is visually flawless, there is likely no issue. If there was a flaw, then a photo would/could save some time. At least he can recoup the time it cost to take that photo and send it on, by selling the board on to a more understanding customer, or he can sell it on as a second at a slight discount (we know a lot of people on this forum who are glad to get a deal, for what is only an aesthetic blemish), and all that work wouldn't have to go to the dumpster.

    My 2 cents.

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