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Thread: Western Handle Types

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldogbacchus View Post
    I'm just gonna call this knife "The Bastard". It's one good looking bastard tho that cuts like a *****....
    I'm glad it's mine.

    Nice name - LOL

    I'm just glad that you're enjoying it Matt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Google is my friend.

    OK then now that I know what emoto is I'll say no even though my above finished example show this as being a false statement. That was a messed up lost heel and made due with what was left over knife. Normally I would bring the front of the bolster/ferrule up to where the front of the bolster would normally be seen on a western.
    Nice. I asked about this in your other thread and I think it's a good decision on your part that you're going neck-less.

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