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Thread: Wood Sanding, finish

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    I dont bother higher up than 600. But I repeat that few times.

    Do you use damp cloth after each grit/round?

    After little buff by hand and ready steady go.

    But I aint no mass producer, just a pendehito [if you translate literally]
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    If buffing out on a wheel, anything over 400/600 is wasted on stabilized wood imo. If there are scratches, you missed a bit at a lower grit. I'll often buff then go back to a 400g belt, then re-buff.
    To get an equal shine by hand, would be the full set of micromesh up to 12,000.

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    Don't use sand paper it tends to scratch, foam sanding pads blend way bette. Just search Norton 3x. And fishish with 0000 steel wool.
    -Noah Cowan

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    I don't bother with anything higher than 400 for most purposes. I like the results of 400 grit lapping and then touched to the buffing wheel. All of the 400 grit scratches vanish immediately--just like any scratches of higher grit paper would have. No need to go higher if I'm doing a handle with that finish. The exception is when I'm using tru-oil and "wet"-sanding stabilized wood. At that point, I find that 1000 grit paper works great.

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