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Thread: Looking for knife set

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    Looking for knife set

    Hey guys. New to forum and looking to get a nice set of knives. I presently have a Chicago cutlery set that was a gift a few years ago. Looking for about 5 or 6 knives for various uses, meat veggies starch etc. I really like the way global feels in my hand but doesn't necessarily have to have metal handle. Will be using whetstone for sharpening and have a maple cutting board. Budget under $500 for the set

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    Welcome! Hope you drop the set idea. Get a gyuto first and look around to see what fits your cooking style to add to that.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Don't buy a set. It's a marketing ploy that is becoming outdated--you either sell 7 knives with 2 being ok and 5 cheap junkers, or you sell someone a knife block, and fill it with their money.

    You will be shocked how much one good knife will do. Your main knife should do 85% of everything you do in a home kitchen. I suggest people look for their one main knife, use it, get a smaller one to compliment it next(like a paring knife), then figure out what you do a lot of and get a knife to reflect your cuisine(fillet for fishermen, slicer for BBQ folks, bread knife for bakers, etc). You only NEED 3.

    There's a sticky in the discussion forum with a questionnaire to help you find the knife for you!

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    Welcome to the Knut House! There are many threads addressing your question, I suggest looking around a bit to get an idea of the stuff that is coming your way in the way of advice!
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    Yeah, sets have their place but are rarely the BEST solution. Few, if any, "knife people" use a prearranged set and that should say something to you.

    Whenever I help a friend get started I try to help them find what would be best for their needs. The knives I use the most aren't necessarily the ones you would. Eamon is right about the 3 knife thing, I do almost everything with a 240mm gyuto and a 180mm petty, my next most used knife is a 270mm bread knife because I bake a lot of bread. My girlfriend, on the other hand, will do 95% of tasks with a 150mm petty.

    So what knives do you currently find yourself reaching for the most?
    What have you noticed lacking in your current knives that made you come here?
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    Why the set? The set you have now how many of them do you actually use? I bet it is not very much. And if you do use all knives is it just because you want to try out the other knife, or the others got dull.

    Speaking of dull you would be better off also investing in some stones (if you don't already have some). What do you use to sharpen.

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    Another vote for not buying a set. Buy two or three good knives you really like and learn to sharpen them. If you need more, pick them up one at a time as you learn. A good wood block isn't a bad thing but just buy it empty!

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    ok thanks for the good advice, gonna go with just two knives for now. looking at the JCK site, theres so many different brands on there, any of them you guys would recommend for getting ones feet wet? im assuming on some of these to use leather instead of whetstone?

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