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Thread: Why are so few cooks learning how to maintain their edges?

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    This makes me sad... Kitchen Knives are a tool used to create. Not a weapon used to harm and destroy. Lovely rose colored glasses I have on aren't they?

    Quote Originally Posted by bikehunter View Post
    Excellent point. I've carried a pocket knife since I was six years old (My dad was a butcher...not a meat cutter)

    Numerous times over the years students have been suspended for bringing a table knife to school, including a third grader whose mother packed a butter knife in his lunch, along with peanut butter and crackers. The hysteria over weapons and lawsuits has become so rampant that school officials have become so stupid and lacking in common sense that children are completely unfamiliar with everyday items of life (some students have been suspended for possession of rubber bands). In today's insane society, ALL knives are considered weapons rather than tools.

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    Heh...I sheepishly must admit that the sight of Gordon Ramsay motivates me to think of a 10" chef's knife as a weapon, but that's just me. ;-)

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    Lol I gave a knife to a 16 year old kid to try and make a saya for it. I told him to talk to his teacher and who ever else he needed to. A month later he tells me that he can't take the knife to school, because it is a weapon. Come on it was a santouku. Why are they even teaching shop class any more then?

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    Yeah, after going through phases of learning myself, then wanting to spread the good word and then trying to spread the good word, and then reverting to only teaching those who are envious enough of my edges and knife work to care to presue it on their own i would say that knife maintenance is just like everything else that being a professional cook is. and i mean cook. not chef. professional line cook. ..

    a professional line cook who could be a sous chef somewhere else but does the hourly line cook grind just to work in a better kitchen is gonna care about thier knives because they want every edge possible. and they will persue every aspect of their day, they will think and consider every step, every piece, every pan, every everything just to get it right and be the most efficient and the fastest they can. i guarantee most cooks you come across with great edges (not great knives, that just requires $$$) are the same people who check their pans for flatness and heat conductivity, check their boards for flattness, and have their stations set up the same way every day, well maintained knives to these people are just one more facet of their days as a well maintained searing pan, a seasoned cast iron, or a properly folded set of side towels at the begining of service. sometimes we look too much into one specific situation, because knives are what we are passionate about. for some ... its just another part of "the grind".

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    Quote Originally Posted by cnochef View Post
    I think the problem starts in the culinary schools. The administrators and instructors generally know nothing about knives, steels, stones, sharpening and so on. Moreover, the German knife makers have them hypnotized in the past. That part of my culinary education was pitiful. So, the apathy and/or bad habits take root.
    +1!! I have to show the instructors at school how to sharpen.. That's after the enormous fees they are charging...

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