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Thread: Handle material - What do you prefer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post
    I like black plastic.

    Sorry guys.

    Well, it's better than Gusto Grips™ eh?

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    I personally like over the top. Love wood burls and horn of any type. The materials just have to jive together when the handle is finished. It just surprises me how decadent natural materials can be, and I feel like they're getting good use if I put them on a tool that will be used daily.

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    I've briefly handled a knife with a bighorn sheep handle and hated it--something about the texture just made my skin crawl. Wood for me.
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    I love wood. It feels very traditional and right in my hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmccurtis View Post
    Ho, ichii, burnt chestnut, or ebony. I like clean, simple woods. Highly figured woods or burls are too gaudy for my taste. I do love marbled or white streaked horn ferrules.
    +2. I like clean and simple. Love Markos Arizona Desert Ironwood handles though, but thats about as crazy as I want to be :-)

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    I am trying many different types still. I seemed to be drawn to redwood, but I don't like red. I am looking to trying some cool woods out soon.

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