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Thread: What I Have Been Up To Lately

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    What I Have Been Up To Lately

    Two new heat-treatments for 52100 I have been working on two new heat-treatments for 52100. Based on feedback I received, sharpenability and sharpness has improved (according to one reviewer, as good as white steel). The second heat treatment is aimed to maximize wear resistance. This one is still in works, but in the next couple of weeks, I will have two forum members over for a rope cutting test. We will compare these two heat treatments for edge retention.

    Peened Western handle bolster
    prototype in works. I took Bob Kramer's method (slotted bolster) as a model. It is one of a more difficult methods, as it requires a precision fitting, so it is taking me more time to work out details. I will use this particular method for knives in stainless steels and 52100. I eventually will have blanks laser cut.

    Forged Western handle integral bolster knives. I commissioned a couple of prototypes in 52100 and currently awaiting their arrivals. These will be forged from round stock and I will be doing all heat treating and grinding. I should have a prototype within a month hopefully.

    Western Handle
    Working on a coca-cola bottle shape handle, modeled on Bill Burke and Devin Thomas handle. I think these are the most comfortable and properly sized and shaped handles out there.

    I have done a good amount of experimentation with different grinds and received feedback from public. I made changes and will continue tweaking geometry as needed.

    D handle I made a minor change to a D handle.

    Failures I had to take time to rethink my production process after I incurred a few failures. Introduced checklists to some steps of the process.

    Custom Work
    Unfortunately, not being on the top of keeping up with custom orders, but it is in par that I am doing all these changes to HT and geometry. Please understand it is imperative for me to send out my best work, than work I can complete quickly. I will work with each of customer and address any issues with delays.

    There will be two knives passed around, a western and a wa (D handle). There will be some conditions attached. Details are to come soon.

    Thank you for your support and patience.


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    Great action Marko. Please include me in the passarounds. I'd love to see your work first hand.


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    Sounds like you haven't been very busy.

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    You've been busy. Really exciting to see all this. Would love to be included in the pass around! I can be your token amateur.

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    Marko, all your experimentation and desire to continue refining is refreshing and inspiring. The wait will be well worth it!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Funny, I was just wonder where you had been. I was going to send an email today, but now I know all is good.

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    Thanks for the update, Marko.

    Looking forward to the results of all your labors.


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    Glad to see to see your post. I know you've been busy and I'm glad to see that it' s in large part to persue your search for perfection. Your thirst for knowledge and advancing your art is inspiring. And of course, I'm thrilled to be in line to have one of your creations. I'm sure I speak for all your expectant customers when I say to take all the time you need. i'm sure it will be well worth the wait. Besides, we enjoy the journey.
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    I love the idea of offering the same steel with different HT and therefore qualities. Very cool.

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