Saw this and thought of you
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Thread: Saw this and thought of you

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    Saw this and thought of you

    I was looking through photos from the Blade Show.
    When I saw this folder, I thought of you Mike.
    With your tattooing skills I thought engraving might come as second nature.

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    I am currently reading David Boyle's Step-by-Step Knifemaking and there's a chapter or doing artistic etchings on blades. Something similar to this. Just another idea.

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    If i can ever afford the air graver, it will happen :P

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    Do it.
    It's not the Answer it's the Experience

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    As soon as i get an extra $1500 i have every intention lol.

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    I think we can all agree that Mike needs to start a new thread with a tatoo gallery. Y'know, so people can get a feel for his style once he gets the engraver

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