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Thread: best stone for toothy gyuto edge

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    The edge I get off the SSII 6K is so slippery, that i haven't found a use for it on any of my knives.
    I really like my JNS6000 followed by a 10K Super Stone. The edge is very sharp, with a lot of teeth..


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    Quote Originally Posted by TB_London View Post
    If you're in London you're welcome to try my chosera 5k, king 4k, shapton 4k, or indeed any of my other stone/knives

    Getting stones in the UK can be expensive, if you haven't already try looking at Eden web shop, dictum, dieter Schmidt as they have better selection and prices than I've seen locally

    I've not looked at Eden or Dictum yet.

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    I vouch for the Rika 5k. Consistently bitey edge whether your dealing with carbon or generic VG-10.

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