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Thread: What knife set to buy...?

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    What knife set to buy...?

    I'm sure everyone gets tired of this, but I have spent the last couple of weeks reading reviews, visiting local stores, checking out knife sets and really can't decide on what to get.

    I am by no means a Professional Chef, but love to cook and would like to purchase a nice knife set. I haven't really decided on a budget and am more concerned about making a good decision.

    I like the idea of Shun, Global, and Mac but too be honest am concerned that being a hack will damage/chip the blades. I have tried Wusthof knifes and like them. I understand the differences, and wonder if due to my inexperience I might be better off with a German knife? Lastly, I have a friend that owns a set of Gunter Wilhelm knives and absolutely swears by them. Any thoughts on these knifes? I'm also not set on buying an actual set and like the idea of piecing together specifically what I need.

    Thanks in advance!

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    No idea on the Gunter Wilhelm knives.

    Are u sold on a set? rather than just getting some great knives that fit your needs and uses?

    Dont be scared off about reviews where japanese knives chip etc. They are vasty superior, pretty durable, and just plain better overall. 3-4 great knives will be pretty much what u need.

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    Welcome to KKF!

    You will likely get a number of replies that will mention specific brands, and others trying to dissuade you from buying a set of knives. Rather than that, I'd like to suggest that you buy and read Chad Ward's book, An Edge in the Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives -- How to Buy Them, Keep Them Razor Sharp, and Use Them Like a Pro. It will give you an excellent grounding in what knives you actually need. It's available at Amazon:


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    Wow, thanks for the quick replies! No, I'm not set on a set. I'm sure I'll only really use 4 knives as well as would like a nice steak knife set. Thanks on the tip, I'll order the Chad Ward book tonight.

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    How bout 2 or 3 really good knives. You don't need a set. Also, I'd steer clear of Shun and Global. There is far better steel out there for a much better price.
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    You really only need a good chefs knife (gyuto) a utility (petty) knife and maybe a bread knife. I suggest looking at the carbonext series, konosuke HD series, kikuichi tkc, gesshin ginga. You have your choice of carbon, semi stainless and stainless steels. Prices ranging from $120 to $250 for a 240mm gyuto in those lines. More to come.

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    Theory - What do you recommend then? Thanks!

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    Welcome! I too would recommend a few select knives. Enjoy!

    Should look through the thread on which knife to buy...some of the questions will help you decide which direction you want to go.
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    Ok, so I think I have decided to get 3 to 4 good knifes and a set of steak knifes. Right now I have decided on the first knife as - Konosuke HD 210mm Gyuto. Any reasons why not to get this? Thanks!

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    Kono's run a little small, take a look and see if you have enough board space for a 240mm.

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