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Thread: ECG 2012 [European Continent Gathering]

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    ECG 2012 [European Continent Gathering]

    I will post photos of the Maksims sharpening class that Ive made when we ve been in Marienlyst.

    Thanks to both Niclas and Maksim for a great venue and the will to put it all together!

    Thanks to all you folks for the laughs and beers and talks


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    Thanks for posting the pics
    It was most impressive Straight Razor collection i ever seen All Costume razors !!
    Very impressed by all people that came, swords, tools, knifes, razors all in one.
    Best group of people, Thanks for great time and looking forward to next

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    Most people would not consides us vikings sane..

    But a great collection of people, i learned alot from all of you, and i ended up with a new vice.. but atleast i'm getting alot better edges!

    Thanks to all of you guys for alot of knowledge, alot of fun, good food.. a decent amount of alcohol and an extra big thanks to Björnar for my first Jnat, that was extremely, extremely generous of you!
    I will put it to good use!

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    Great pix. Thanks for sharing with us.
    "See... the problem here is that... my little brother, this morning, got his arm caught in the microwave, and uh... my grandmother dropped acid and she freaked out, and hijacked a school bus full of... penguins, so it's kind of a family crisis... so come back later? Great."
    -Lane Myer (Definitely not as in Oscar Mayer)

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    Yeah, the razors are mental. The most photos Ive shot. So nice to look at. And good story like the one from 19th [1840?] century with masonic etching. How the hell did they do that back then??!?!

    Or the badars damascus ones.
    Or the damascus chisels
    Or the beatifull stones
    Or the nimai plane blades
    Or the kato

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