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Thread: 4th Ideas?

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    4th Ideas?

    Cooking for a crowd on the 4th (20 ish plus a lot of kids). Anyone doing anything new or different this year? Long range forecast looks good, so I'll likely be doing a lot outside on the grills. One year I did a full BBQ (ribs, brisket, pulled pork), another I did steak and lobster on the grill. Looking to mix it up...I keep thinking of cool ideas, but they don't feel 4th of July - ish if that makes any sense.

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    We're boring, and usually go for grilling sausages and white hots. We mix it up sometimes with some jerk chicken (it's always a hit); you might want to consider making a batch. We also grill portebellos -- mainly for the non-meatetarians, although even the dog/ burger lovers seem to like them.

    Some interesting sides we got from Cooks Illustrated are a grilled banana salsa and a corn salad. The sweetness of the grilled banana salsa is a nice relief from the fiery heat of the jerk chicken, and the corn salad is pretty vinegary, so it's cooling.

    A good finger food is BBQ shrimp wrapped in bacon.
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    If you don't do a clam bake,
    I say keep it fairly simple with lots of variety. Do several different proteins(including some fish) and just do a million different ways to eat them -corn or flour tortillas, different breads/buns, flatbreads, pita, etc. And a ton of different toppings-salsas from spicy to sweet, crema, tsatziki, relish, chow-chow, cheeses, slaws, greens. Use your badass knives to do all sorts of knife-heavy prepped stuff!
    Sides: Tomato/feta/h2oMelon-with fresh mint is great. You're a New England guy, so I know you do some good baked beans. Black bean salad with grilled corn, big chopped salad, quinoa tabouli, lentil salad, slaw(s),etc.
    Variety is usually king in my line of work. It just depends on your crowd and how adventurous they are. Always keep with the seasons and it will feel like the
    4th no matter what you're having.
    I wish more people would send you some ideas, that way you could just do a mishmash of kkf ideas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    Sides: Tomato/feta/h2oMelon-with fresh mint is great.
    This is my absolute favorite BBQ side. A big pile of fatty brisket or pork shoulder, and that fresh light salad is my idea of heaven.

    If you've never had them try some ABT's. Halved jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, a lil smokie (or better yet a piece of a hot link), then wrapped in bacon and smoked (you can probably grill over indirect heat too). And make twice as many as you think you'll need, then double that and they'll still be gone.

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    My wife and I are embarking on a road trip from Toronto to Nashville to enjoy the Hot Chicken Festival, no cooking but we sure plan to do some serious eating!

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    A big azz payaya would be da bomb and tough to screw up... wonder if a guy could locally rent a monster skillet?

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    Oh, and s'mores with the coals.


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    Quote Originally Posted by add View Post
    A big azz payaya would be da bomb and tough to screw up... wonder if a guy could locally rent a monster skillet?
    I read that as papaya and was rather confused for a moment.

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    No way to give advice to someone at your cooking level, but brainstorming. Bacon wrapped scallops,rosemary skewered shrimp, crab cakes, king crab, grilled oysters. Also, chili is always a good add.

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