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Thread: November Gathering 2012

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    Jun 2012
    Aarhus, Denmark
    Oh No... Please don't cancel!!
    I am open to any other location

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    Ok i shut out first idea i just talked to Mick about.
    We can rent a sommerhouse for 3 days but we need to pay a bit and supply our own food

    But i need to know for sure how many is in !

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    hehehe food?

    We have to bring own beers,

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    No but I mean from shop in Danmark hehehe

    Black Carlsbergs but this time I leave Shigefusa home

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    Jun 2012
    Aarhus, Denmark
    Sommerhouse could work for me...

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    Ok guys i need to know how many we are !!!

    I can see there is some very cheap summer hoses in that period pretty big

    So i need to know how many people and how long we stay !!

    Please PM me Email me or write here is you coming and i sign you up.
    There will be small fee for the hose but nothing big i take most part of payment on my self

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    Well i'm still in for it.
    [FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][I]-"we're gonna make gluten free lasagna"[/I][/FONT]

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    Im in, if I manage to get a reliable transportation.

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