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Thread: Minimum equipment for a functioning kitchen?

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    For 6 months?

    And minimum? buy one RÔTISSOIRE, you propably have knivs and board so is this one dish you could make boulangere, bourguignons and cassoulets, basically you can fry in it, roast in it, bake in it, steam in it, cook stocks in it, so unless you want to make some elaborate meals for yourself, its all you need.

    So the way I see it is you just drop everything in there like its hot along with seared piece of something red and juicy, cover and roast roast roast.
    You want steamed fish? put some water in it, cover with cloth and tighten with cling film around so the cloth stays tensed. Bang some veggies on top, add fish when theyre half way and cover with the usefu lid.

    Job done.

    Any kind of spoon/spatula will be a nice addition.

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    Well, I moved and could not contain myself, packed way too much. Between kitchen stuff, cook books, and wine glasses my stuff filled approx 35-40 small or medium boxes. Now that I am in the new place, I am wondering whether I would miss anything if I never opened the 30 boxes that went into storage again. I think I missed a chance for a clean cut. But after feeling cheated out of what I considered a good job, letting my stuff go felt just like another loss. Well, lots of unpacking ahead of me... Not tonight, though, totally beat from schlepping things through the heat.


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