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Thread: What kind of care does a carbon knife with a forced patina require?

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    What kind of care does a carbon knife with a forced patina require?

    Say I get a White #2 steel and force a patina. I understand this helps with the reactivity. However what care requirements should be considered before going this route?

    Also, does the patina usually just change looks as you use it, or does it kind of "rub off" eventually through use?

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    You should treat it like you would any other non-stainless knife. Wipe often, and don't leave it dirty or wet. Actually, you should do that to stainless knives, as well.

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    cut, rinse, wipe dry

    If you're the type of person who makes a sandwich, then cleans up your cutting board, and puts everything away, then this is probably not a problem for you. On the other hand, if your sink is full of dirty dishes AND your dishwasher is empty, maybe you should go a different route.

    Your patina will evolve over time, which is part of the natural process, but will it 'rub off' thru using your knife to cut food - no.

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    I don't feel there is a need to force a patina on white #2,it form one easily unlike some of my san mai blades.

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    My white steel hiro just formed a nice patine naturally, however there is always a slightly "cleaned" area from where my fingers touch the blade where I sharpen and mud gets between finger tips and steel.
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    As long as you are using the blade often, just rinse, wipe and repeat. I have found when I force a patina the patina "rubs" off at a higher rate. If you are storing for a long time it is best to put a light coat of camelia oil on for storage.

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    I have a couple of blue #1s from Takagi. They have built a nice blueish patina over time without forcing. After a while I seems like the patina becomes water repellent and totally stainless. Really cool. It is still building and don't wear off unless when I am sharpening the knife.


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