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Thread: Got a chef role on HBO's Treme!

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    Just saw the episode. Is this you?


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    Haha. Yessir that be me. The camera angle was off but I had a couple of knives laying out on the counter hoping to get picked up by the camera. I was using my Nenox gyuto to fillet a mackerel and I had my Nenox red bone suji and a Shigefusa yanagi out on the counter to look all pretty, hoping the camera would pick it up so you guys could look out for it.

    I did maybe 3 more episodes after this one that should hopefully have more in focus shots. If you notice in this episode, I am in the background working but when they change camera angles I show up behind Chang for a second. Yeah, I can be in two places at once...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattias504 View Post
    Yeah, I can be in two places at once...
    The miracle of TV! Would be nice to have that ability in the kitchen for real.
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