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Thread: Knife Steel Chart for iphones

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    New version is online. Fixed couple bug and per popular request, added alloying elements descriptions into the element dialogs. Tap on the element name and it'll show what effect does it have on steel.
    Knife Steel Chart on iPhone.

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    Any feedback on this app?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannynyc View Post
    Any feedback on this app?
    This is a great app, even for someone like me who only has a superficial knowledge of the topic. Makes me think I could like metallurgy

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    App works wonders. On my last phone it has some problems due to the operating system didn't go past 2.1.
    Chewie's the man.

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    The most random app I have ever download, but it is really great. A lot of geeky info and really well done.

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    Zknives guy! Thanks for all the amazing info!

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    Version 1.5 is in appstore.

    I'd appreciate feedback on the new list layout, partial compositions have been removed, since exact compositions are in detail view and graph. Speeds up application loading time considerably and I think provides cleaner look. List views now show alloy name and technology(PM, CPM, etc) if any.

    New features and fixes include:
    Bookmarks and their import/export.
    Toolbar icons in all views.
    Popovers for quick navigation in all views.
    Quick search in the steel list, displaying names containing search string.
    Detail view shows Maker, Standard, Country and Technology, and complex links.
    Graph In Atoms mode doesn't display decimals.
    Swipe left/right in graph mode switches between graph modes.
    Added group boundary indicators to graphs.
    Legend is automatically displayed for multialloy graphs.
    Added filtering by country.
    Network availability check before synchronization.
    Improved application loading time.
    Memory footprint reduction for deep hierarchy navigation.
    Performance improvements.
    New, improved crash handler and reporter.
    iOS 7 support.
    Fixes synchronization crash on older devices using iOS 4.x.

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    Hi All,

    Knife steel chart for iOS devices is in the appstore now.

    Maintenance release, added support for iOS 8.0 and 8.1, support for 64 bit devices and new large screen iphone 6+.

    More info on the knife steel chart ios app and download link.

    P.S. If anyone is interested in helping me with future release tests, i.e. becoming a beta tester, please contact me via PM or email. I'd appreciate help. Basically you'd receive pre-release ubild using test flight, play with it and report any issues/suggestions.

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    Anyone with iphone 6+, please confirm UI being ok? It looks correct ina simulator, but device verification is still better.

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