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    The handle looks like a 4-star, a line that was first produced in 1976. Personally, I really like those knives a lot and yes, the quality of the old ones was a cut (har) above.
    - Erik

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    Just got back.

    No, i did not put the Moritaka in the chef's choice. I put the Henckels, two shuns and two Dexters. I am moving my sharpening habits to a waterstone.

    Rodrigue, thank you for posting the picture and the instructions on how to post.

    the only thing i don't like about the Moritaka is the handle. I'm used to much bigger handles. I touched it up on a waterstone (1k / 6k) and it's very sharp, but not any sharper than the Henckels. Could be me. I have learning to do in the sharpening arena.

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    Did you strop. after then? You get some refinement with stropping.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Yes, i did strop. it's a very good edge, no doubt, but I know there are a lot of you out there who would put an even better edge on this knife. I have to hone (pun fully intended) my skills. I can get a good edge on a knife, but I cannot (for instance) get the Shun knives to be as sharp as they are out of the box. The Moritaka was not as sharp as the Shuns out of the box. So, clearly this is my handicap.

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    the henckel looks like a 6 inch chef knife to me. do you use it in place of a petty or what do you like using it for?

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    The Henckels is an 8" chef knife. I very much like the shape and length (150mm) of the blade on my new Moritaka. It's the handle that gets me. Even the Shun handles are a bit bigger.
    I think I'm just so used to European/American knife handles. I like the Henckel's big, round handle, and since i choke up a bit on the blade when I use it the heel doesn't get in the way. it's also way heavier than the Moritaka. So are my Shuns.
    Mind you, I'm not complaining as i look at this as a journey that will give me nothing but joy and knowledge. I'm keeping the Moritaka at hand at all times and use it for everything so i will get used to it. Time will tell.

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    are you using a pinch grip or a hammer grip? you mentioned choking up on the blade, which makes me think pinch, but the fixation on handle size suggests hammer. i have large hands, and i really couldn't care less how big or small a handle is, as long as it weighs enough to give a little bit of counter weight to fine mincing.

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    thats a pretty big handle.

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    Pinch grip. Yes it is a big handle, and it was one of the reasons I didn't use it for so long. then I got it out of the drawer (covered blade) and after I started using it, it became one of my favorites. Now, mind you, this is a habit of mine. The more I use something the more I like it...usually. I tend to shoot with the same shotgun, even though I have many. I tend to fish with the same rod, even though I have many. and I tend to reach for same few knives, even though I have many.
    6" Dexter boing, carbon, classic, wood handle.
    5.5 Shun Santuki
    8" Henckels.

    And now, in place of the Dexter I will reach for the Moritaka 150mm. And it might replace the 5.5 shun, too. I like a point on my knives, and have 2 Santuki shuns, 5.5 & 7" almost never use the 7". Just put the Shun boning knife in the drawer as I never used it. I get the feeling I'm leaving shun! But you never know.

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